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Real Spy Gear Equipment for Home and Business Use

Find out about the best real spy gear used by real investigators to crack cases!

No kids stuff here, just genuine, real spy gear, that's used by private investigators, detectives, surveillance operatives and law enforcement officers in everyday investigation work. Learn about hidden spy cameras, spy watches, covert recording devices and the BEST spy gadgets and surveillance equipment on the market, with our reviews and news.

Computer Spy USB Keylogger
This USB Keylogger records all keystrokes and everything typed on a USB keyboard. Absolutely no software is required. It plugs in-between the keyboard and PC and is invisible to the PC!
Hollow Spy Coin
Secure your most private and personal information in this covert coin, a place where no one would ever find it! Once hidden in the hollow coin it can't be opened without the supplied opening device.
Night Vision Monocular
This night vision monocular not only let's you see in the dark but records video and photos in the dark with it's infrared illuminator enabling you to observe the target in complete darkness.
Hidden Book Safe
The hidden book safe, made of solid steel, is disguised as a well-known novel. Store your valuables in the hollow book and lock-em up.
Spy Pen Camera
The perfect spy gear item disguised as a pen. Place it in your suit jacket and record with high definition video. It's the perfectly hidden spy camera pen.
Real Spy Watch
The real spy watch has a small pin-hole camera built-in to covertly record audio and video. With in-built storage it's the perfect spy on the wrist.
Keychain Spy Camera
Record audio, video, or take still photos with this hidden keychain spy camera. Appearing to be a standard vehicle remote no one would supect it's actually recording video and taking snapshots.
Guide to Spy Photography
Become expert in photographing and videoing people in tough situations with this complete guide to clandestine photography. It's the perfect guide to brush up on surveillance photograhy skills.
Guide to Covert Surveillance
The ultimate guide and reference book for the surveillance operative. Learn how to carry out covert surveillance. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to spy on people without being spotted.
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