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Top 3 Best Spy Voice Recorder Models

Spy voice recorders are the best device to secretly record conversations of people that you don’t want to know you are doing so.

You can keep one in your pocket and when the right time comes, simply push that button and smile to yourself, while the person you're secretly recording spills the beans.

A spy audio recorder can be concealed on your person, or in a room location, and are used by undercover law enforcement, private investigators, and lawyers, for capturing crucial evidence.

These real spy gear devices come in different forms - usually small - and are easy to use and conceal. A spy voice recorder can be hidden in your pocket (as we've already mentioned) or built-in to any everyday object (size permitting of course).

Reasons For Using A Spy Voice Recorder

The best reason for using a covert voice recorder is that it gives you control and leverage - but don't use one for illegal or unethical purposes. It should be used to help you or another in legitimate situations - particularly in gathering and building evidence.

There are many situations that a hidden voice recorder would be useful and not necessarily used for negative purposes as you would think. A hidden recorder can be used for the following situations:

+ You're being harassed or intimidated at work and you want to record the evidence without the bully knowing; so you can take action against them.

+ You’re a criminal private investigator on surveillance needing to record real-time events where use of a notebook would attract too much suspicion. Or you want to secretly record someone's conversation, as it relates to your case.

+ Perhaps you've noticed some signs of infidelity and suspect your partner is cheating on you, and you want to covertly record conversations or what occurs in your home. Or you want to listen to how your nanny treats your children.

+ Maybe you're a lawyer wanting to record your interviews without making the person being interviewed feel uncomfortable - knowing if the interviewee was aware of the recording could cause inhibited communication.

Whatever the reason, you will want to make sure you buy the best audio recorder you can. You will want to make sure you get the right specifications in your device.

Best Spy Voice Recorder Specifications

When choosing to buy a spy recorder device you will want to know what to look for in the best available. We have come up with some important specifications we think are needed in the best spy voice recorder. Here they are:

+ Covert design - unless it's one to keep in your pocket, your covert voice recorder should be completely inconspicuous, (no flashing lights, etc).

+ Voice activated - ideally it will have the ability to be voice activated as well as continuous record.

+ Good quality audio playback - should be clear audible playback with no crackling or distorted sounds.

+ Good recording range - the audio device can easily record conversations close-up and at a relatively long range (at least wall-to-wall in a standard room).

+ Easy function - unless it's a voice activated spy recorder you may want an easy one-touch voice recorder you can simply operate without looking.

+ Long Recording Time - depending on use, you will want a decent amount of storage space. Audio doesn't take up as much space as video but your spy voice recorder needs the capability of storing long recordings.

+ Audio transfer ability - the audio files can be transfered to computer or SD card.  

We’ve looked at a few spy voice recorders and have come up with this list of the best recording devices we liked.

For a quick glance (in no particular order) check out our table below of our best spy voice recorder picks:

Quick Comparison: Best Spy Voice Recorders
Features We Like
Buy It Now
RecorderGear Keychain Spy Voice Recorder

+ Covert ability
+ Easy one-twist record
+ 4GB built-in storage
+ Holds 64 hours of audio
+ Lasts 10 hours on single battery charge
+ Transfer files to MAC or PC

Lawmate Spy Pen Voice Recorder

+ Covert look
+ Simple on-off control
+ Voice activation function
+ 1GB built-in storage
+ Holds 8 hours of audio
+ Lasts 12 hours on single battery charge
+ Transfer files to MAC or PC

EyeSpy Flash Drive Spy Voice Recorder

+ Stealty look
+ 3-in-1 control switch
+ Voice activation function
+ 4GB storage
+ Holds 144 hours of audio
+ Lasts 15 hours on single battery charge
+ Transfer files to MAC or PC

And now for a more in-depth look at each of the best spy voice recorder models...
RecorderGear Keychain Spy Voice Recorder

Ok, so the first item on our review list is the RecorderGear keychain voice recorder, and as the name suggests it quite happily attaches to a bunch of keys. It’s a small durable recorder that's made of strong lightweight aluminium.

So what do we think of this small spy audio recorder? Let's take a look..

Covert: What we love about this spy recorder is its covert ability. The whole thing looks like a regular keychain that's "nothing special" which is precisely what you want in a stealthy audio recording device; something you can place in your pocket or on a table and goes totally unnoticed!

People normally place their car keys on a table and we don’t think twice. You can simply activate the device (completely undetected) by twisting it in your hand, and it just looks like you're fidgeting with your keys. You can position it anywhere and no one would be any the wiser while the device listens to and records conversation.

Voice activated: unfortunately it only has continuous record mode, so if you wanted to leave it in a room you would have to leave it recording the whole time.

Playback quality: the playback quality is good with High Definition recording, so you can be assured of getting clarity audio.

Recording range: the keychain voice recorder does have a powered microphone that ensures a crisp clear recording at close range or in large rooms.

Easy function: this micro spy voice recorder couldn't be any simpler to operate. Just twist the switch to the right to start recording and back to the left to stop recording.

Recoding time: the 4GB built-in memory holds up to 64 hours of audio; which is plenty of room for all of your secret audio recordings. It has the ability to record for 10 hours on one battery charge which is fantastic.

Audio file transfer: this audio recorder is compatible with MAC or Windows and no other software is needed to transfer files using its USB Device. Just plug it directly into a USB port and transfer your audio files. The USB is also used for charging the device's in-built battery.

Apart from the fact it doesn't have a voice activation function it's still a great mini spy voice recorder and gets a definite thumbs up from us.

Lawmate Pen Spy Voice Recorder

Using a pen as a spy voice recorder is an ideal object, particularly in the workplace for recording bullying and discrimination. It can also be left on a table, placed in a pen holder, or kept in your top pocket. There are no limits for using a spy pen recorder.

So let's have a look at this Lawmate spy pen voice recorder and see what we think, and whether or not it reaches our standard..

Covert: this writing spy is a fully-functioning ball-point pen and is definitely a covert spy pen with a simple standard look. One of the qualities of professional spy gear is having a simple uninteresting appearance that avoids attention. This spy pen voice recorder gets a 5 Star for uninteresting (which is good).

Voice activated: yes, this spy voice recorder pen has a voice activation mode which is perfect for unnecessary recording.

Playback quality: the Lawmate pen produces a high quality audio playback with great end results to listen to, so you can be sure of what was said. The pen's automatic sensitivity control helps to record crisp quality audio.

Recording range: a great feature this audio spy pen has is the automatic and adjustable sensitivity control for recording sound. You can set it to record audio close-up or at a distance, depending on your operational requirements.  

Easy function: the one button control makes the pen easy to activate when using in close proximity to your target. You can discreetly slide the pocket clip up or down to start and stop audio recording. There's no sounds or lights to give you away.

Recoding time: this spy voice recording pen has 1 GB of internal storage and is able to record up to 8 hours of high quality audio - that's 8 hours of HD (High Definition) audio or 33 hours of LP (Long Play) audio - and has a 12 hour battery life.

Audio file transfer: transfering the recorded audio files of this covert pen is easy with its USB file transfer feature. There is no special software needed for audio download and storage and works with both PC and Mac computers.

The Lawmate audio spy pen doesn't have a large amount of internal storage space compared to other devices; however, 1 GB allowing for 8 hours of audio recording is still pretty good. In spite of that this pen is the ultimate spy and gets a full thumbs up from us as it ticks all of our specification boxes.

EyeSpy Flash Drive Spy Voice Recorder

Last on our list is the EyeSpy voice recorder disguised as a kind of flash drive used for a computer. When we first looked at it our thoughts were - what! It looks kind of outdated and not very cool compared to other real flash drive units. But that was the interesting point. Nobody would even look at it mixed in with a bunch of other gadgetry stuff.

Covert: so we mentioned it looks outdated and kind of boring, which is perfect for us spy types wanting to secretly record conversations. It attracts very little attention and would actually be a great covert voice recorded, even in the open. It's also small you can place it anywhere and would be a great spy voice recorder for the home or office.

Voice activated: yes, as well as having a continuous record function this is a professional voice activated digital spy recorder. Place the recording device where you want it and forget about it. It'll turn itself on the next time it hears sound.

Playback quality: the flash drive spy has fantastic audio quality recording at a rate of 64kbps, which gives you a crisp and clear recording. It has High Quality recording and easy playback. The files are recorded in HD High Definition and can be played back in any audio program including Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Recording range: it has a moderate recording range and can pick up voices from as far as about 20 feet away. So is ideal for a room or car bug.

Easy function: this spy voice recorder has no confusing buttons or lights just an easy one-touch button. It has a rotating button / switch - push the button / switch to start and stop recording and rotate it up or down to easily switch between voice activation and continuous recording modes.

Recoding time: it has an in-built battery and 4GB storage capacity that boasts it can hold up to 144 hours of audio recordings - although we haven't tested that - and gives 15 hours of recording in continuous mode an a single battery charge. It can also record while plugged into a computer or wall using a USB wall charger, so you don't have to worry about battery power. Just plug it in and record until the memory is full.

Audio file transfer: you can connect the flash drive audio spy to any PC or MAC computer via a USB port to easily listen to the recorded files.

What do we think about the EyeSpy flash drive voice recorder spy? We love it! It's not flashy and it looks rather dated but that's why we love it - it's very inconspicuous and by far the easiest to use when in operational circumstances.

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